Ancient Thrace – The civilization of words and speech

The old Thracians were maybe best known for their treasures. The ancient thracians were really rich– in both temporal and also spiritual terms. The resource of their wide range was their expertise– as well as more precisely, the expertise of the word (language, speech) as a creative power as a device for creating facts. As well as it was words (language, speech) that was their best prize as well as their best power, from whence all their faculties, attributes, abilities, insights and ideas, implemented the development of all these amazing, beautiful, as well as Perfect works that have actually left us and we are delighted to celebrate today.

But can one such highly established world as a old thracian be word-of-mouth? A people in which words (language, speech) has been in such ultimate esteem as well as has held such a prime location that it has been related to as the source of all understanding, riches, knowledge as well as skill.

Up until just recently, the hypothesis of the Bezpismenostta of the ancient Thracians was widespread in the scientific neighborhood. This hypothesis, which had actually come to be a clinical dogma, did not rest on any kind of clinical debates, but was based exclusively on the anticipation that, considering that none of the scientists in the field of the area had actually yet been able to figure out the created indicators left Of the ancient Thracians, there is no old thracian writing.

In 2006, the linguist Stefan Overview provided the first scientific analysis of artifacts with old thracian writing, which ultimately verified its credibility in the dependence of a lot more stemmed written monoliths by the Overview technique.

The exploration of guide was basically crucial not only due to the fact that it made feasible the dependence of the old thracian script as well as confirmed in an indisputable manner in which the Thracians were not without written, but likewise due to the fact that it revealed another exceptionally vital reality, which suggests an extreme Rethinking and changing the existing understandings of the development of the human alphabet and also the written history of the human race. Considering that, even prior to being deciphered, the artefacts etched with the old thracian letter were dated from the researchers of 7000-6000 years (5000-4000 BC), this means that the old thracian alphabet is the earliest deciphered human writing worldwide. It turns out that it precedes with at least 1500-2000 years the created systems of Schumer and also Ancient Egypt, thought about until now one of the most ancient manuscripts in the world.

The dependence of come from created monuments– the votive candles tablet computer of Gradeshnitsa (5000 BC), the spiritual tile from Karanovo (4000 BC), the Tartaria amulet (5000-4500 BC), the Orpheus Commitment Ark (5000 BC), the funeral plate of the city, and the “the The Orilare (5000-4500 BC), inscriptions in havens, tombs and also other stemmed items, along with much more artefacts– from Stefan Overview is an epic event in science, which can be compared to the dependence of the Rosetta Stone by Jean-François Shampolion, Made it feasible to figure out the old Egyptian alphabet. Surprisingly, like Shampolon, which, in order to check out the hieroglyphic creating letter, makes use of parallel message recordings of pictograms and phonetic language, guide translates the Thracian alphabet utilizing the Egyptian hieroglyphs and also the Boharian lining letter made use of Ancient times in both Thrace and Egypt. The research of the Bulgarian linguist, that benefited a very long time in the United States, discloses and also helps to understand plainly the connection in between the old human beings of Thrace and also Egypt. According to the majority of Egyptologists, including such terrific names in classical Egyptology as Sir Wallis Budge and Prof. Adolf Mann, there is no doubt that the human being of ancient Egypt had actually developed somewhere else and also was imported from the north via the Nile Delta, as shown by the truth that the writing appeared here in the ready as well as finished kind in concerning 3100 BC. So far, no one has connected this outside Civilizatorski aspect with the ancient Thracians, that, as is apparent from the figured out artefacts, the historical excavations as well as the historic springtimes, brought their writing, faith as well as culture to Egypt as well as established Ancient Egyptian civilization.

Thrace is the initial human people. Although it has actually been concealed for a long period of time, it has actually always been right here as well as has never ever completely disappeared. Its native peoples– the Thracians– have likewise always been here, but are recognized under the name Bulgarians or goddesses, which in the main human language indicates worshipping or divine designers; as well as Thracians indicate radiating or radiant– some that Homer defined in his Iliad as “individuals who advise him of the gods.” Thrace is the cradle of the primal confidence of humanity in God’s Word: the land where Jesus Christ– the all-seeing and almighty word– has constantly been acknowledged and also prized as God.

Thracian treasures are words of gold. This is the first human alphabet as well as it is three-dimensional– all numbers, tools, write-ups, frameworks and all examples created by man are writing. In this written system, words is not created, does not contain two-dimensional signs (either phonetic or pictograms), however is a three-dimensional item. This language mirrors a problem in which the entire body of the individual is involved in speaking the word, not simply specific organs comprising the so-called. Voice tool. It is a problem where thinking and also perception represent unity and also there is virtually no splitting up in between aware and perceived reality.

Later on, individuals begin to compose dimensional and therefore are birthed hieroglyphics, which are a pictogram (imaging) script. The homeland of Hieroglyphics is Thrace, from where they were moved to Egypt, when Thracian dynasties developed their kingdom in the Nile Delta in 4 thousand BC. The pictograms manuscripts incorporate both the sound and the aesthetic aspect of the word, that is, in them the created signs have both an ideographic and phonetic worth. In these manuscripts (and also languages) The sound is at the same time the picture and also the picture is at the same time audio, i.e. there is no separation between word as well as meaning. The thinking in these languages is nonlinear in temporal terms, non-spatial, non-causal, yet cyclical, architectural, synchronous. They are coming close to the unity in between conscious and regarded truth, albeit not in its primitive outright type.

Throughout background human language is undergoing different changes and now most languages– or even more precisely most scripts– are direct and also phonetic, unlike intermittent and pictogram scripts. (Not remarkably children at first began to attract, as well as they later learned to compose in the contemporary direct languages– due to the fact that the photos are the key and ecumenical human alphabet; even nowadays, we make use of images as universal language– roadway signs, Numbers, different icons in all kinds of locations of human life.) Straight phonetic manuscripts just mirror the audio values of the language, without consisting of the visual aspect of words. In these scripts (and therefore languages) there is a divide between word as well as meaning, between sound and also photo. The thinking about these languages is qualified by a stringent splitting up in between mindful and also viewed reality.

The language is gotten in touch with the mind. Each language and its usage create a details point of view as well as living. Language creates male; Human presence is impossible without or outside the language. We as well as the entire globe are created by the word; And words is in United States– we speak words, assume the word, feel words, experience words, live words.

The majority of individuals see language as a way of interaction. They believe that the function of language is interaction. Also lots of linguists specify language as a system of words or indications that individuals make use of to share thoughts and feelings amongst themselves. Yet that’s not true– or a minimum of not the entire reality. Yes, language is used for communication, however it is not his single and essential purpose. The main purpose as well as function of the language is development. Language is a tool for producing truths. Possibly the most exact meaning of language is that the language is a living imaginative power.

The language (or words) is the power through which we develop, but additionally the power or more specifically the all-powerful that has actually produced ourselves. As one of the most noteworthy linguists and philosophers of the 20th century, Owen Barfield said:

“It was not the male that created the myths, yet the myths, or the primitive content they disclosed, were what created man.”.

The language develops the “distance” between guy as well as the globe, between the acquirer and also the viewed things, in between the host consciousness as well as the viewed truth. By creating this “range,” the language makes guy without the world, makes consciousness able to divide, in a manner of speaking, to distinguish itself from the perceived truth. Throughout the growth of the person, and also of mankind in its entirety, there is an adjustment in the partnership in between consciousness and regarded fact, in between the subject and the item– in various other words, the “range” that develops the language modifications. At the beginning of the life of the individual as well as at the beginning of the historic development of humanity, this “range” is insignificant, that is, there is virtually no difference between aware and also perceived reality. One does not differentiate in between oneself as well as the globe, but views them as one, i.e. the perceived truth exists at the level of awareness. In this state there is a unity in between thinking and understanding, and also that indicates lack of flexibility, because when the idea is given in understanding, when idea originates from outdoors, then male is not complimentary in his thinking. At this phase of the advancement of language there is no department in between internal life as well as outside truth, i.e. exterior fact is my inner life. At this phase of the growth of the private and of the human race there is no memory.

As Barfield notes, memory stands for the conversion of exterior events, happenings, phenomena– as a whole to exterior fact– in internal experiences. When there is no separation between outside fact and internal experiences, then it is not possible to have memory. From the viewpoint of Ontogenesis, the memory shows up when an individual speaks.

The language has two ingredients: image (not physical, but speculative) and audio; Suggesting and also enunciation. These are both sides of the language– the spiritual and material (in the sense of physical matter). The collection of noises that the physical hearing perceives, as well as the sequence of icons that physical vision regards, are only the material expression of the language (as well as especially the straight, phonetic languages). However, this material expression has no worth without the spiritual significance of the language, particularly the definition. It’s the spirit that jazz up issue. Words in the physical globe is the materialization of significance, which has a spiritual, not a physical character.

It is believed that the singing sounds are the “spirit” of the language, and the consonants– its “flesh”. Consequently, in the most old languages, the vocal audios have actually not been videotaped– because the spirit can not be recorded, it can not be caught by product suggests. They only videotaped the consonants. This is additionally one of the aspects, which is due to the fantastic difficulty of checking out ancient texts– in these messages are tape-recorded just consonants and also it is almost difficult to claim how a word reads, as it is a question of guesswork (or of discovery) about what vowels Before, between or behind the consonants. And it is hard to claim where the word starts as well as where it ends, given that there are no ranges between words in these messages, which, consequently, mirror the understanding that the word represents a continual flow, in which there are no “stops” or “spaces”. Subsequently, the vowels started to be scored with dots, and also later on they obtained a complete body, in a manner of speaking, and began to be led to out as certain letters.

The assessment of the vocal as well as consonant audios, respectively, as the “spirit” and also the “flesh” of the language perfectly corresponds to the nature of the sound access, the method which the human speech apparatus produces the noises in physical fact. The vowels are actually a spirit since they stand for the ozvučeniât breath of man. They are created by the flow of the air movement via the throat and the mouth, while passing the air flow does not run into any kind of barrier, however only gets a “form” from the way the mouth is open when passing it, that is, the vowels “are composed” From breath, from Spirit. Consonants are formed when the jet stream experiences in a certain way some physical septum– the throat, tongue, taste, teeth, lips or a combination of them– i.e. the consonants are air (breath, Spirit), approved corporality. The consonants bear in themselves a trace of the pressures that have gotten in right into presence the external structure of nature, consisting of the body of man, and the vowels are an expression of the inner life of feelings and also memories that comprise the human heart. This is in accord with the understanding shared by the ancient individuals that at the heart of all is the primary word, that words is the designer of the Noticeable as well as invisible globe.

Words, which is something invisible, spiritually, is talked by a physical gesture, with an act that shows up and of a product nature, i.e. the invisible word is talked with a visible, physical motion. Nowadays, this motion has been greatly constrained to the authorities of speech– a minimum of at the spoken level (although both verbal and also non-verbal ways are associated with interaction today, as well as it is the non-verbal means, for instance motions, face expressions, posture of Body, view, etc., share a lot of the information in communication). As soon as, nonetheless, when the “range” between awareness as well as viewed reality was not so excellent when the male had actually not yet been so “divided” from the surrounding atmosphere, as today, the motions of speech were made with the whole body– then the body itself was Talked also while speaking. The body itself is a word.

The written word can be viewed according to four primary paradigms. The initial standard includes linear phonetic scripts, which only reflect the sound values of the language, without including the visual component of speech. In these manuscripts (and also hence languages) there is a divide in between word and significance, between noise as well as photo. The thinking about these languages is qualified by a stringent separation in between mindful as well as viewed truth. The language itself produces the “distance” between awareness and also viewed fact.

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The 2nd standard consists of the photographic scripts that combine both the distinct as well as the metaphorical element of the word. In these manuscripts (and languages) The sound goes to the very same time the picture and also the picture is at the exact same time sound, i.e. there is no splitting up between word as well as definition. The reasoning in these languages is nonlinear in temporal terms, non-spatial, non-causal, yet cyclical, architectural, synchronous. They are approaching the unity in between aware and also regarded reality, albeit not in its primitive absolute form. These languages mirror a condition in which the presence of a structure without area, of a non-linear movement over time, of events without a causal partnership is possible.

Thrace and Egypt hieroglyphs

The third paradigm is the three-dimensional alphabet, in which the created indicators are all forms, vessels, articles, structures, and all examples developed by male. In this paradigm, the word is not written, it does not include two-dimensional indications (either phonetic or pictograms), yet it stands for three-dimensional photos, three-dimensional items. This language shows a condition in which the expression of the word entailed the entire body of the person, as well as not simply particular body organs constituting the so-called. Voice tool. This is a problem where reasoning as well as perception are unity as well as there is almost no splitting up between aware and also regarded fact, which is why there are practically no difficult points, however every thought and talked word materializes without the troubles integral in The state of a rigorous divide between consciousness and viewed fact.

The fourth paradigm resembles the development itself, the developed truth itself. This paradigm bears witness a language that is not human, however is intrinsic just to God as the creator of whatever noticeable as well as unnoticeable. This language might be integral to man, yet just when he exists in a state of complete unity with God– after that he assumes, speaks, composes the reality itself. In this language, words are the things themselves, the elements of fact themselves. In this language there is a total unity in between awareness as well as viewed fact, and also there is no splitting up in between literal and also portable significance, due to the fact that the visible as well as undetectable world– the physical and the spiritual reality– are one. This language shows a condition in which there is no death and also corruption, in which the issue is not physical, but an archticical, imperishable, unchanging, comparable to that of desires. In this language, fallacy is impossible, due to the fact that awareness as well as perceived reality represent unity as well as there is no department as well as also a distinction in between ideas, words and acts– everything you assume or claim or compose, ends up being reality, because the believed itself is Truth, words spoken or composed is fact; Ideas and words are your actions, your acts are thoughts and also words, words are thoughts and also actions– all points are word.

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