Old Thrace – The wine from before

Thrace is an area covering the southeast part of the Balkan peninsula, consisting of the territories of north Greece, southern Bulgaria as well as the European part of Turkey. This is the land of the Thracians who occupy it at least from the V millennium BC. For heirs of the old Thracians are thought about today’s Bulgarians.

What does a glass of wine relate to this ancient culture as well as what traces of it can be discovered today?

The white wine in the Thracian times

From the earliest classical times the farming of the vine and red wine production belongs to the identity of the Thracians: The Thracian red wine was made in rock troughs and also it was so thick that, as the tales claim, it was expected to be intoxicated with straws straight from the rock beds. Thracian clergymans used the white wine in their spiritual rituals as a way to get in touch with the abyss and as a way of forecasting the future. It is believed that they were the first individuals to value the god of the Wine-Zaman, which was embraced later by the Greeks as Dionysus and also by the Romans as Bacchus.

It is thought that the wine-growing was come from about 6000 years back approximately Ararat, for the homeland of the red wine is taken into consideration today’s Armenia and also the area of the southerly Caucasus, in this feeling the Thracians were a really old historic bridge connecting the areas of the initial wines of mankind with Europe. Subsequently, the viticulture created greatly in Europe, in ancient Hellas was particularly valued, and also the Romans spread the vine throughout the realm.

One interested fact-the ancient Greeks generally drank white wine, diluting it with water, while the Thracians consumed it cleanly. Homer also informs us that Odysseus, in order to describe Polyfemiy and also retreat, offered him exactly a Thracian white wine.

Thracian Heritage: Mavrud

What’s left of this ancient a glass of wine society today? Certainly, we have no exact evidence that the Mavrud selection spread in southern Bulgaria is a direct tradition of the Thracians, however this range is believed to have ancient background and ancient origin.

The word “Mavrud” originates from the Greek m├ávros, indicating black, yet in Bulgaria it is additionally an individual name. Legends claim that in the IX century Khan Krum, who protested alcohol, issued an order to eradicate all the wineries in the kingdom. A lion gift from an eastern leader was kept in the imperial palace, eventually the lion escaped from his cage and also included fear the kingdom. A boy called Mavrud, specifically endure as well as strong, captured the lion as well as eliminated him with his bare hands. The ruler asked to comprehend the key of his power. Mavroud’s mother confessed that she had actually maintained in their house a tiny vineyard, from which they made a glass of wine as well as consumed it. The red wine was what offered strength as well as courage to Mavrud. After this occasion the ruler purchased to plant creeping plants again, and also the white wine called the name of the young man.

In order to feel this particular social and also historic heritage, a great method of checking out vineyards like Nerasora, which look for to preserve the region as well as traditions of the area.

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