Who is The Greek Warrior – Theseus?

Silver kylix with Theseus and the Marathon bull, 445–440 BC, part of the Vassil Bojkov collection, Sofia, Bulgaria
Theseus Defeats the Centaur by Antonio Canova (1804–1819), Kunsthistorisches Museum

Theseus or Tezeus (Greek. Theseus is a personality of the Greek mythology, the main figure of the Attic mythical cycle. The Tresen princess Efra of the Pelopid family members gave birth to Theseus from 2 daddies at the same time – the earthly (King Of Athens Aegean) as well as the divine (sea god Poseidon). Considering that childhood years, this hero was distinguished by courage as well as toughness. Having grown up, Theseus made his method to Athens, en route defeating lots of monsters and also bad guys (consisting of the burglar Procrust). Recognized as an earthly papa, he mosted likely to Crete, where thanks to the aid of Princess Ariadne killed a beast named Minotaur. On the way back, Theseus left Ariadne on one of the islands. As he came close to Attica, he forgot to alter the black sail on his ship to white; due to this, Egey devoted self-destruction with despair, and also Theseus became king of Athens. In this ability, he arranged siniukism- disparate attical neighborhoods united under his rule within the framework of the Athenian policy. According to numerous writers, Theseus participated in the Caleydon hunt, centauromahi, the Argonauts, the war with the Amazons. Among the Amazons became his spouse as well as brought to life a son Hippolytus. Teuse later on married Fedra for the second time. She loved her stepson and, not finding reciprocity, slammed him, and afterwards committed self-destruction. Theseus cursed Hippolytus, and also he passed away.

When Thisia was 50 years old, he and also a buddy Pirifa kidnapped young Elena to make her his other half. After that the pals mosted likely to the world of the dead for Persephone for Pirifoy, yet there were chained to the rocks. A couple of years later on, Thisia released Hercules. Theseus can not return to power in Athens and also found himself on Skiros, whose king Lycomed pushed him off a high cliff.

In the historic age, Theseus turned into one of one of the most popular mythological characters of Hellas. In Athens from the 470s BC there was its cult. Theseus ended up being a personality of numerous jobs of fine art, a number of catastrophes.

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